Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Moms are #1's

My mom rocks on occasion.  That's right, she's sometimes so supremely awesome that I temporarily forget that 98% of the time she's giving me stony lectures about the value of grad school. 

Janet Jackson was in town last night!!!  She's one of my top 5 favorite singers of all time.  I used to have 5 minute dance parties many years ago in college to take breaks from writing my thesis, and I'd call into the dorm hallway for anyone to come into my room, and we'd shake it to Miss Jackson with the lights off, in the glow of my lava lamp and pink holiday lights around the windows.  It was classy, obviously.  You could say that without Janet, I wouldn't have made it through college!  I love Janet so much that she's one of my ringtones - people, you know that's a special place to be.

*Sidenote:  If I tell you the other four of my fav singers, I worry that you might stop reading this blog, so don't ask (cough cough one of them might be R. Kelly cough cough).*

I spent most of yesterday scouting craiglist for ticket deals - I love Janet, but I don't love that she was asking $150 per ticket.  Since I have lots and lots and lots and lots of free time, I figured, why the hell not spend it trying to find some bona fide awesome but under face value tickets!  People weren't budging, but then around 5 PM clear desperation set (the concert started at 7:30), so I managed to score tickets WAAAYYY under face value!  And of course my date to the concert - Mom!!!

There is nothing cooler than showing up to the Janet show with your Mom.  No, I'm serious.  Most of the audience was women of varying ages and their gay boyfriends (shocking); there was also of course the requisite dragged along boyfriend/husband (I happened to be sitting next to one, and at some point during the night, the switch flipped from bored to AWESOME and homey was feeling the groove thang!  All 6 foot 7 of him, which required watching out for flying limbs on my part). 

BUT in the midst of all of this, you should have seen the attention my Mom woman was getting!  She was the star of row R, Orchestra section RC, without a doubt! 
Mom was shaking her ethnic parent bootay and clapping on 1 and 3 like that makes any kind of sense!  The drunk girls in front of us kept turning around to dance with her, and she was high fiving them and finding the cameras they dropped on the floor for them.  Oh Mom, how you rocked the house!

Janet put on a SHOW.  YES.  It was OFF THE HEEZY.  Voila proof:

The crazy robot outfits and skintight pleather were expected, but I must say that I hope the power of her boobs comes through in this picture, cause she looked A-MA-ZING.  When she stepped out, I was like a 12 year old boy - all my brain thought was "BOOOOOBS".  And she was unstoppable - she sang four sets with 5 minute interludes between them, each 20 minutes long, nonstop singing and dancing.  She was on fire.  It was incredible!

And Mom was also incredible - after a long day of seeing patients, she came to a concert where she had no idea what to expect, couldn't name a Janet song to save her life, and she ended up being the perfect date.  ROCK ON, MOM!

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  1. I love that your mom went! Sounds you like both had a memorable evening.