Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Cat, Kathy Griffin?

I'm watching the Kathy Griffin stand-up marathon on Bravo right now (thank you, Bravo - I pretty much love all of your programming.  Although I think your awesome daytime marathons might be contributing to my unemployment.), and I'm suddenly attuned to the strangest noise circling the family room.  Upon further investigation, I have discovered that my cat, Fatty, is purring loudly and delightedly, while sleeping.  This is a first for Fatty, so I'm intrigued. 

Fatty was upstairs, napping on her armchair (which we've covered with a soft tablecloth in order for her fur to be easily removable from said surroundings), until I turned on Bravo.  Then she suddenly appeared downstairs, rolled around briefly, and then jumped into her pink cadillac where she is currently asleep and purring. 

Here are the possible explanations:

1)  Fatty is having some kind of delightful dream involving chasing birds and bugs.  This is unlikely because when Fatty sees a bug in the house, she walks over to it, sniffs it gently, and then attempts to befriend it by lying down next to it and rolling over.  She really has no killer instinct at all.

2)  Fatty is dreaming about romping through fields of butterflies with the cute boy dog next door.  Again, this is unlikely because he moved away a while back, and I'm not sure cats have long-term memory.  But she was kind of in love with him.  He'd come visit her when he escaped his yard, and they'd chat and hang out and have a drink.  Yeah, I don't know, she's a weirdo, and evidently open-minded in terms of interspecies love.  So maybe she's progressive!

3)  Fatty might love Kathy Griffin.  Fatty enjoys and is well accustomed to loud, mean-funny women in her immediate surroundings and prefers the company of gay men to all other people she meets, so signs point to yes.


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