Monday, March 28, 2011

Showering and Flossing

Personal Hygiene.  Ruminate. 

Ok all set?  Awesome.  So now that you have your notion of personal hygiene fresh in your brain (hahahha fresh!  That was so deeply intentional.), let's discuss. 

I myself am a proponent of personal hygiene!!  It's cool, to like, shower.  YAY!  Here's the thing, though - when you're home alone for...4 days in a row, and you left the house maybe 12% of that time, and then just to get gas and go to Subway, do you need to shower every day?

Do you really?


Here are my thoughts:  NO.  Showering every day is a weird American thing.  There, I said it.  It's weird.  And I've noticed that any time a discussion of showering comes up amongst people here, everyone is very quick to flash their eyes around the group, silently guessing who showered within the last 24 hours, and then being prepared to heavily judge and perhaps shun them if they haven't.  However, I kind of doubt all of these people truly shower every day despite their lemon-faced but heavy expressions.  AND these same people readily confess to not flossing!!!!!  When did flossing become the approvable method of personal hygiene to skip?????  Maybe it's my dentist mother talking through my fingers here, but EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!  Floss!!  That's an order!! 

In most countries of the world, heck, I'll just go ahead and say every country but the USA (maybe Canada too - Canadians, can you chime in here and advise?), people shower once every 3 days, AT BEST.  Like in Iran, when my Dad visits and insists on getting into the shower every morning, everyone thinks he's a huge freak show weirdo.  In the USA, though, you'd become a social pariah if you hinted at, let alone mentioned, that you don't get in the shower but for once every few days. 

Friends, Imma put it out there.  I shower every other day.  Exclusively.  BAM.  Deal with it.  EVERY.  OTHER.  DAY.  SHUN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I floss with reckless abandon up to several times a day.  AND SO SHOULD YOU.



  1. I shower every three or four days. I dislike showering (and baths too). I shower when I start to smell! I don't believe that anyone can tell that I'm not a daily showerer. And I wash my hair only once a week.

  2. This might be a white thing ;) People can tell if I have gone more than 36 hours without showering... my hair starts to get this unwashed sheen too it. You have to admit, white hair doesn't stand up to unwashed conditions nearly as well as most other hair. It is amazing Europe survived 500 years on not bathing. I don't know how anyone felt up to mating. -- Sarah