Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Cat Is Some Kind of Humanoid

I suspect that Fatty might actually be a very oddly shapped, furry human.  With magic powers.  Please review:

1)  Her new morningtime ritual involves (after being fed) meowing loudly from downstairs until I wake up, toddle over, and wave to her.  Then she runs up to my room and rolls around on the floor.  She appears to like having company around.  I thought cats were solitary?  But guess what - humans aren't!

2)  Fatty is currently rubbing her face on the computer screen.  Ok, that's not human-y, but it's a little weird.  Maybe she wants to use the internet to check the Petco site?

3)  Fatty can read my mind (magic power) - she knows I'm writing about her, so she has now installed herself on my bed while I type, at approximately my ankles, and is staring at my fingers intensely.  Don't worry, Fatty, it's not slander!!  I love you, you fluffy puff!

4)  Fatty enjoys manipulation - she is now purring and looking extra cute in an attempt to get me to stop typing and give her the loves.  It's a cat version of batting your eyelashes at a cute boy, really.

5)  Fatty now has full on conversations with not just me, but pretty much anyone who meows at her.  She meows back, then you ask her a question, then she meows again.  It used to be meow-meow on both sides, but now I just ask her questions in English and she answers in meows.  It's adorable, but when it starts to make sense to you, unless you're Cesar Millan or Doctor Doolittle, maybe it's time to either see a therapist or check to make sure your cat isn't growing opposable thumbs.

When I meet other people's cats, they just aren't like this!  I wonder if it's because she's always been an only cat, so she's more people-y than other cats?  Any thoughts, my fellow cat-owners?

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